POST COVIDCOVID has impacted Educators, Parents and Students!

The Surgeon General has identified a youth mental health crisis stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. This 360° seminar series provides educators, parents, and students with practical tools for supporting students’ resilience, coping skills, and positive perspectives. The series is practical, solution oriented, time efficient, and accessible for all.

Using evidence based social emotional learning competencies, youth will be better prepared to …

Develop healthy identities and promote self-esteem

Manage emotions while achieving personal goals

Feel and show empathy for others

Improve problem solving skills & learning competencies

Establish and maintain supportive relationships

AboutAbout Your Presenters

Eve Loren Goldstein, Psy.D. & Danielle Matthew, LMFT have teamed up to create this dynamic new seminar! This seminar is PACKED with strategies and tools for tackling important issues confronting students and parents today!

Dr. Eve Loren Goldstein

Eve Loren Goldstein, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist and learning disabilities specialist who helps children and adolescents develop the skills necessary to feel comfortable and confident across home, school, and social settings. Dr. Goldstein is a clinician, executive functioning trainer, speaker, mental health advocate, and works bi-coastally as the director of Westchester Child Therapy in Scarsdale, NY, and Calabasas Child and Adolescent Psychology in Calabasas, CA.

Danielle Matthew, LMFT

Danielle Matthew, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, founder of The Empowerment Space, bullying expert, and the author of The Empowered Child. She helps adolescents and teens who are struggling due to issues such as bullying, anxiety, severe stress, low self-esteem, and depression.

AboutWhy this Seminar Series?

Through this practical 360° seminar series, educators, parents, and students will enhance their versatility with social emotional learning tools.  Based on research, these tools:

Improve competencies like persistence in the face of challenges

Help create better self-esteem and more positive attitudes about oneself, the people around you, and school

Increase positive social interactions

Improve teacher wellbeing and the effectiveness of teaching

Result in higher grades and scores on achievement tests 

TESTIMONIALSOur Feedback from Educators

I will be using the S.M.A.R.T Goals acronym to help my students envision their goals in a realistic, concrete manner.

I will be using S.M.A.R.T Goals for my students

Very knowledgeable and great shared resources.

Great shared resources

Excellent content and practical applications. 

Practical Applications

I really valued the review of Erikson’s stages and development and the connection with SEL!

Great explanation of Erikson’ stages

Eve Goldstein & Danielle Matthew were very engaging. It was helpful to have case examples to present the information, and actionable techniques that can be implemented with youth.  

Engaging and helpful Seminar

One takeaway from this seminar is that trauma can take on various forms and those can change depending on the day, so it’s important to work with students where they are at in that moment and take on an empathy-first approach.

An empathy-first approach

Thank you for the practical applications and intervention ideas! Very knowledgeable and great shared resources.

A lot of practical applications and ideas

I really enjoyed the stories the presenters shared about their own experiences helping students post-pandemic. It gives me insight into some of the challenges students face when heading back to the classroom. 

Great insights into the challenges of Post Covid

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