Eve Loren Goldstein, Psy.D  and Danielle Matthew, LMFT use their extensive knowledge of over 45 years combined experience to offer educators a seminar on this timely and profoundly important topic.

Dr. Eve Loren Goldstein

Eve Loren Goldstein, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist and learning disabilities specialist who has devoted more than 25 years to helping children, teens, and their families develop the educational and social-emotional skills necessary to feel confident across home, school, and social settings. 

Dr. Goldstein is a speaker, clinician, teacher trainer, mental health advocate, and works bi-coastally as the director of Westchester Child Therapy in Scarsdale, NY, and Calabasas Child and Adolescent Psychology in Calabasas, CA.

Within the scope of her practices, she conducts comprehensive neuropsychological assessments, provides psychological therapy utilizing evidence-based treatment, and teaches executive functioning and study skills for academic success. 

Dr. Goldstein has created Developing Executive Function Skills for Academic Success, a manualized program for training teachers to embed executive functioning skills within their curriculum. She is a co-founder of Team Project RISE: Recognizing and Improving Supports for Educators and has created a teacher training course to recognize and respond to mental health issues amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Goldstein also provides educators, clinicians, and parents with direction and knowledge to help adolescents thrive through the use of Social Emotional Learning. 

Dr. Goldstein is passionate about addressing the challenges that arise at the intersection of education and mental health. She consults and speaks on a variety of topics including self-esteem building, emotional resilience, mindfulness, problem-solving, communication, social happiness, academic success, school collaboration, and parenting solutions. 

Danielle Matthew

Danielle Matthew, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist whose lifelong mission is to treat and support bully victims and their families, aid schools and health and wellness professionals, and educate others about the bullying epidemic.

Danielle has worked as a clinician in the field for over 25 years with children and adolescents in various environments including day treatment programs, residential facilities, and outpatient services. 

She has supervised a therapeutic one-on-one behavioral program, facilitated therapy groups and conducted clinical authorizations for an insurance provider. Danielle has additionally conducted group and individual therapy with adults.

In 2014 as Danielle became concerned by an increase in patients suffering from bullying, she conducted research which concluded that while there are many bullying prevention programs, there are few programs in Los Angeles that address the crisis point of bullying to help children and adolescents heal. In response, Danielle developed The Empowerment Space Bullying Therapy Program to ensure that there is crucial support available to empower children and their parents with skills to address bullying and create stronger, more positive support systems for children.

Danielle educates schools, medical professionals and the community about the bullying epidemic. She has authored Amazon Parenting Best-Seller, The Empowered Child: How to Help Your Child CopeCommunicate, and Conquer Bullying, and has been featured in Huffington Post, TODAY.com, and has appeared on Fox, ABC and CBS Morning Shows and Mom Talk Radio. 

Danielle treats bully victims in the greater Los Angeles area, and is available for consultations and speaking engagements nationwide.

Danielle also has a private practice in Sherman Oaks, CA, where she helps adolescents, adults, couples and families who are in pain due to issues such as anxiety, severe stress, low self-esteem, or depression. Danielle Matthew is a major contributor to various national news organizations and media sources sharing her expertise as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.